Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Year Older

So my 25th birthday came and went and overall was a little bit better than last year. Sure that doesn't say much, but anything better is a good thing. The great thing about getting older is you've had enough bad things happen to you that when bad things happen to you now, they don't seem quite so bad anymore. An interesting way of looking at things, yes, but the result is still positive so I'll decide to focus on that.

Got a brand new car two weeks ago and loving it. Kia has really outdone themselves with the Forte. I got the SX version which is the highest end model but every little feature and add-on is totally worth it. I would definitely not have picked another car. Driving it is enjoyable, it fits right into my life perfectly, I feel it suits me to a T, and the price on it was totally reasonable. Definitely the best deal I could have gotten as far as per dollar quality. I still have yet to come up with a name for the car though. Maybe I'll ask people to suggest some names.

Here's some quick stats on the car:

Colour: Smokey Grey with black leather interior
17" Alloy Rims
176 HP 4 Cylinder Dual CVVT Engine
5 Speed Automatic Transmission with Tiptronic manual controls
Bluetooth Sync with phone for voice dialing and answering
Satellite Radio with Sirius
Automatic Climate Control
Airbags coming out of everywhere
Electronic Stabilization Control
Trip Computer
Everything Defrosts
Heated Seats
iPod controls
Sport Tuned Suspension

So now I feel I have a car deserving of my age, I also seem to be surrounded by relationships deserving of my age. People are getting married, having kids, buying houses, some are still students just starting out or just got out of long term relationships and just discovering who they are as individuals. The older you get, the more people you tend to find living in different stages of life surrounding you. It's definitely not a bad thing or a scary thing, I just find it really curious that this whole time the status quo has tried to drill the idea of "School, Job, Marriage, House, Kids, Retire" meanwhile, there's definitely no standard amongst the people I know of all ages, stages, and wages. Certainly makes you feel better when you don't have the same thing going for you. Better to just enjoy where you are and what you have and forget the rest.

Time to get back to working on things to get my life going though. More web designing needs to be done and definitely more of my own projects need to start getting done!

Peace out,