Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trouble with File Organization

One of the major problems I find when tackling new sites is how their web host has the files organized.

Recently I was helping a friend out with her website only to discover her FTP had symbolic links for the webroot to 2 different folders. Both visible through her SFTP login... that's right not FTP, but SFTP login. Unless you're storing some highly sensitive information on that site (which she most certainly was not) you really don't need to sweat using SFTP. A proper password on your FTP account should suffice for most sites.

Not to mention her file permissions did not allow her, the owner to write to the directories. That was yet another thing that needed to be tackled.

Finally, her quota had been met and any new files trying to be uploaded were rejected by the server simply because there was no more room now to post them.

Anywho, I managed to get all that sorted out and updated the splash page to her site.

I have yet to decide whether I will include client specific addresses or name when I make posts like this. Perhaps I will ask the client permission before I do so. After all, this would still be promoting their site right?


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