Friday, April 16, 2010

Online Terms and Conditions

So I just came across an article which showed that 7500 people unknowingly sold their souls to a UK based company called GameStation. They added a clause stating that they retained the rights to the soul of anyone  agreeing to their terms without opting out of that clause. This was to make a point of how few people actually  read the terms and conditions on most sites. Interesting to say the least. So there you go, double check terms  and conditions before you click yes. Sure it was an April fools joke but definitely worth considering before you sell your immortal soul for a video game.

On a side note, working at a movie theatre is probably one of the best jobs you can have. Everyone's happy to be their, the hours are flexible, and the stress level is almost in the negative.

So that's it. Not the most entertaining post I'm sure but I'm working all evening, what do you want from me?

No Adam Lambert reference please.


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