Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kick Ass is actually pretty Kick Ass

So I watched the ending of Kick Ass the other day after I got off my shift at work. I'm really interested in seeing the movie in its entirety now. It was surprisingly refreshing and full of gratuitous violence which I was not expecting.

Serves as a good example that when you shake up a genre and actually push something to go beyond what has already been done, you risk falling flat on your face or rising up and succeeding with great reward.

I am really tired now and shouldn't even be up blogging at this hour. No idea why I'm still up. I'm tired even and could very easily sleep. I should stop now really, I keep making everything a good example. A good example of how you can be taken advantage of and now a good example of genre subversion. Blah.

That is all. Good Night (Day really)


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