Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Old

I know just about everyone has told me that 25 is just not that old. Usually, this is people older than me saying that of course because they themselves do not want to seem that old.

Something about the age of 25 though seems to make me feel different. I kind of want to get my life in a little bit more order, I tend to be more selective of who I spend my time with and make sure it's with people I genuinely care about. I'm guessing these are the things that you start to crave when you get older? Sounds all a bit too responsible from what I'm used to, ha!

Overall though, partying, going clubbing every weekend, getting drunk, none of these things seem all that entertaining anymore. Something like a camping trip with some good friends, relaxing around the fire sounds far more enjoyable at this point. Money also doesn't seem to be factoring in the same as it used to either. I seem to retain more money than I used to. Stopped spending it on frivolity and started being more cautious as to what I grant my dollars to. Ends up leaving me quite a bit more satisfied and less stressed out.

Finally, this feeling of Zen has come over me this past year. Not sure what it is, but things such as fairness, envy, expectations, and disappointment no longer have a place in my thoughts. Sure it sounds like it's bad to say that fairness plays a very small role in my life anymore but it has to. Life really is not fair. There are no cause and effect situations of doing something good and life will be good to you. That's a fraud. To believe that will drive you crazy, particularly when you think of how fair the world is on even a global scale.

On that note, I must also mention that my friends, Amir Azimi and Esther Hannah are currently in Cambodia building a classroom and delivering medical aid and help to the locals. They're not making things fair, but they're definitely touching the hearts and lives of people who appreciate everything they can get and are simply grateful for what they are given. These people are great role-models for all of us who live privileged lives. If we're so privileged, they why are they often so much happier than us?

Here's a link to donate to their cause, I hope you do.
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