Thursday, April 15, 2010

Decided to keep up with blogging

Okay this sounds pretty lame, but I watched Julie and Julia with my mom and aunt the other day and it thoroughly inspired me to try to keep up with a blog.

I think the reason it inspired me was mostly because it started from nothing. She had no one following her, no one really interested and she just made it something people would want to see. As such, I have decided to try doing something a little similar to her. My blog however will be about following me through the trials and tribulations of trying to get my web developing business going, my follies through creating my art work (both in school and outside of school), and the general calamities that follow me throughout my life.

I'm sure some will come across as mundane and uninteresting, but others should end up being somewhat interesting. We'll see where it goes though.

I think prior to this, I was always trying to watch what I said on my blog and tried to keep things as professional as possible due to the possible implications on my business and business practices but I think things need to loosen up a bit. I might through in the odd profanity here and there and a couple small personal anecdotes but I don't think I'm a particularly lewd person and will generally keep it only as clean as I need to in order to comfortably share this with my parents.

On that note. I have decided to re-brand my web developing to "No Bullshit Web Design".

I figure so many people out there are tired of dealing with web developers that put the curtains up and act like auto-mechanics. "If the customer doesn't know what's going on, I can gouge them on the price!"

I really am not a fan of this practice in web design. At least not for small and medium sized companies. I will maintain my 9th Day Media brand for slightly less daring consumers but I think it might be the thing I need to stand out from the crowd and get this thing going.

There shouldn't be anything wrong with being a little bit more personal with my clients. Especially when they themselves are constantly wrapped up in their own corporate BS. Lets make business a little bit more fun and laid back shall we? Lets also make some kickass websites and get some businesses off the ground!


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