Saturday, April 17, 2010

Buying a car is hard

I have no idea why they have made the process of buying a car such a complicated one. There are purses that sell for more than a car and there's very little difficulty involving buying one of those provided you have the money.

Here's the thing that gets me about buying a car. The way they price them is unnecessarily complicated. They have freight/PDI, government taxes for tires, gas, licensing, GST/PST (soon to be HST), then on top of all this, they deduct a rebate from the listed price. After all these calculations you're lucky if you can make sense of what the car actually costs and what everything surrounding the car costs. Why can't they just tell you what the price of the car is? There's also room for negotiation and price reductions which adds a whole new element.

You'll be hard pressed to get a solid number out of someone either whether its a friend, online, or at the dealership of what the car will actually be sold to you for. Maybe they'll discount freight? Maybe they'll save you the fee for selecting a colour on the car? Maybe you can get a used or demo car that will lower the overall price?

All these factors can leave your brain completely scrambled. I have no idea what a car should end up costing or what any of these things even means. Just tell me the price of the damn car already! Someone! Anyone!

If cars were sold like shoes, I think I would have a much easier time with it.

Since the blue devil died (Yes, I named my old car the blue devil because of all the trouble it caused me) I've been looking around to see other car alternatives.

So far here's the ones in the lead:

Kia - 2010 Forte
Mazda - 2010 Mazda 3

That's right. Only 2 cars. These are the two best cars rated in their classes. The Mazda 3 however is a bit more expensive. Both rival each other in quality however with the Mazda having a slight one up on Kia for drive-ability but the Kia is ahead on built in options and features (heated seats would be nice wouldn't they?).

I seriously wish this whole project could be made way easier. Sooo many car websites out there, not a single one makes the process easier. Maybe I could try to make a car website that makes buying a car somehow easier?


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