Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Old

I know just about everyone has told me that 25 is just not that old. Usually, this is people older than me saying that of course because they themselves do not want to seem that old.

Something about the age of 25 though seems to make me feel different. I kind of want to get my life in a little bit more order, I tend to be more selective of who I spend my time with and make sure it's with people I genuinely care about. I'm guessing these are the things that you start to crave when you get older? Sounds all a bit too responsible from what I'm used to, ha!

Overall though, partying, going clubbing every weekend, getting drunk, none of these things seem all that entertaining anymore. Something like a camping trip with some good friends, relaxing around the fire sounds far more enjoyable at this point. Money also doesn't seem to be factoring in the same as it used to either. I seem to retain more money than I used to. Stopped spending it on frivolity and started being more cautious as to what I grant my dollars to. Ends up leaving me quite a bit more satisfied and less stressed out.

Finally, this feeling of Zen has come over me this past year. Not sure what it is, but things such as fairness, envy, expectations, and disappointment no longer have a place in my thoughts. Sure it sounds like it's bad to say that fairness plays a very small role in my life anymore but it has to. Life really is not fair. There are no cause and effect situations of doing something good and life will be good to you. That's a fraud. To believe that will drive you crazy, particularly when you think of how fair the world is on even a global scale.

On that note, I must also mention that my friends, Amir Azimi and Esther Hannah are currently in Cambodia building a classroom and delivering medical aid and help to the locals. They're not making things fair, but they're definitely touching the hearts and lives of people who appreciate everything they can get and are simply grateful for what they are given. These people are great role-models for all of us who live privileged lives. If we're so privileged, they why are they often so much happier than us?

Here's a link to donate to their cause, I hope you do.
Click Here!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Buying a car is hard

I have no idea why they have made the process of buying a car such a complicated one. There are purses that sell for more than a car and there's very little difficulty involving buying one of those provided you have the money.

Here's the thing that gets me about buying a car. The way they price them is unnecessarily complicated. They have freight/PDI, government taxes for tires, gas, licensing, GST/PST (soon to be HST), then on top of all this, they deduct a rebate from the listed price. After all these calculations you're lucky if you can make sense of what the car actually costs and what everything surrounding the car costs. Why can't they just tell you what the price of the car is? There's also room for negotiation and price reductions which adds a whole new element.

You'll be hard pressed to get a solid number out of someone either whether its a friend, online, or at the dealership of what the car will actually be sold to you for. Maybe they'll discount freight? Maybe they'll save you the fee for selecting a colour on the car? Maybe you can get a used or demo car that will lower the overall price?

All these factors can leave your brain completely scrambled. I have no idea what a car should end up costing or what any of these things even means. Just tell me the price of the damn car already! Someone! Anyone!

If cars were sold like shoes, I think I would have a much easier time with it.

Since the blue devil died (Yes, I named my old car the blue devil because of all the trouble it caused me) I've been looking around to see other car alternatives.

So far here's the ones in the lead:

Kia - 2010 Forte
Mazda - 2010 Mazda 3

That's right. Only 2 cars. These are the two best cars rated in their classes. The Mazda 3 however is a bit more expensive. Both rival each other in quality however with the Mazda having a slight one up on Kia for drive-ability but the Kia is ahead on built in options and features (heated seats would be nice wouldn't they?).

I seriously wish this whole project could be made way easier. Sooo many car websites out there, not a single one makes the process easier. Maybe I could try to make a car website that makes buying a car somehow easier?


Kick Ass is actually pretty Kick Ass

So I watched the ending of Kick Ass the other day after I got off my shift at work. I'm really interested in seeing the movie in its entirety now. It was surprisingly refreshing and full of gratuitous violence which I was not expecting.

Serves as a good example that when you shake up a genre and actually push something to go beyond what has already been done, you risk falling flat on your face or rising up and succeeding with great reward.

I am really tired now and shouldn't even be up blogging at this hour. No idea why I'm still up. I'm tired even and could very easily sleep. I should stop now really, I keep making everything a good example. A good example of how you can be taken advantage of and now a good example of genre subversion. Blah.

That is all. Good Night (Day really)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Online Terms and Conditions

So I just came across an article which showed that 7500 people unknowingly sold their souls to a UK based company called GameStation. They added a clause stating that they retained the rights to the soul of anyone  agreeing to their terms without opting out of that clause. This was to make a point of how few people actually  read the terms and conditions on most sites. Interesting to say the least. So there you go, double check terms  and conditions before you click yes. Sure it was an April fools joke but definitely worth considering before you sell your immortal soul for a video game.

On a side note, working at a movie theatre is probably one of the best jobs you can have. Everyone's happy to be their, the hours are flexible, and the stress level is almost in the negative.

So that's it. Not the most entertaining post I'm sure but I'm working all evening, what do you want from me?

No Adam Lambert reference please.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trouble with File Organization

One of the major problems I find when tackling new sites is how their web host has the files organized.

Recently I was helping a friend out with her website only to discover her FTP had symbolic links for the webroot to 2 different folders. Both visible through her SFTP login... that's right not FTP, but SFTP login. Unless you're storing some highly sensitive information on that site (which she most certainly was not) you really don't need to sweat using SFTP. A proper password on your FTP account should suffice for most sites.

Not to mention her file permissions did not allow her, the owner to write to the directories. That was yet another thing that needed to be tackled.

Finally, her quota had been met and any new files trying to be uploaded were rejected by the server simply because there was no more room now to post them.

Anywho, I managed to get all that sorted out and updated the splash page to her site.

I have yet to decide whether I will include client specific addresses or name when I make posts like this. Perhaps I will ask the client permission before I do so. After all, this would still be promoting their site right?


Decided to keep up with blogging

Okay this sounds pretty lame, but I watched Julie and Julia with my mom and aunt the other day and it thoroughly inspired me to try to keep up with a blog.

I think the reason it inspired me was mostly because it started from nothing. She had no one following her, no one really interested and she just made it something people would want to see. As such, I have decided to try doing something a little similar to her. My blog however will be about following me through the trials and tribulations of trying to get my web developing business going, my follies through creating my art work (both in school and outside of school), and the general calamities that follow me throughout my life.

I'm sure some will come across as mundane and uninteresting, but others should end up being somewhat interesting. We'll see where it goes though.

I think prior to this, I was always trying to watch what I said on my blog and tried to keep things as professional as possible due to the possible implications on my business and business practices but I think things need to loosen up a bit. I might through in the odd profanity here and there and a couple small personal anecdotes but I don't think I'm a particularly lewd person and will generally keep it only as clean as I need to in order to comfortably share this with my parents.

On that note. I have decided to re-brand my web developing to "No Bullshit Web Design".

I figure so many people out there are tired of dealing with web developers that put the curtains up and act like auto-mechanics. "If the customer doesn't know what's going on, I can gouge them on the price!"

I really am not a fan of this practice in web design. At least not for small and medium sized companies. I will maintain my 9th Day Media brand for slightly less daring consumers but I think it might be the thing I need to stand out from the crowd and get this thing going.

There shouldn't be anything wrong with being a little bit more personal with my clients. Especially when they themselves are constantly wrapped up in their own corporate BS. Lets make business a little bit more fun and laid back shall we? Lets also make some kickass websites and get some businesses off the ground!