Monday, August 24, 2009

Trying to keep up to date is hard

After a tumultuous 2 months, I have finally decided to revise my blog again.

It's hard to maintain these things when you have so much going on but I figured I'd try to put more effort into maintaining my blog. I have also decided that it would be too boring for me to constantly post about work related stuff and realized that things out of my personal life would also be good to post.

This being said however, I noticed that the things I have to post are not adequate for the masses and my new focus on life should be on things that interest me specifically and are more worthwhile to share.

One of these such things would be music.

Music of the moment that's awesome:
  • Pearl Jam - Specifically "The Fixer" (Can't wait until the album actually comes out)
  • Blackie Jackett Jr. - James and Rick from Finger Eleven doing Blue Grass
  • Dustin Kensrue - From Thrice, very folksie and mellow
  • Rocky Votolato - Mellow and melancholy for when you're in those types of moods
These things make life a little more tolerable.

I have almost completed several larger projects in work as well
Other related projects that I've helped out on that are worth noting:Coming soon to my repetoire of websites:
Also coming soon - York University!

Feels weird that it's so close now. I'm finally going to get a degree. Fortunately this time its in something I actually really enjoy doing and love every aspect about, Visual Arts. I am definitely going to make sure I put on some Bob Marley during my Stone Carving classes. That alone is peace for my soul.

Also, here's a random picture of me just to make this post more interesting.

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