Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sleep, Whiskey, and Tears

Slept all day today. Probably not the best thing to do when I have so many things to do, but I guess we all need days like that once in awhile. Now it's 4 am and I'm writing a blog post. Maybe I can just get some work done now.

So I checked out the Blackie Jackett Jr. (Finger Eleven side project of James Black and Rick Jackett) show at The Bovine in Toronto tonight. It was a great show. Cool thing too was because it was such a small venue and a fairly small crowd, I actually got to meet James and Rick as they were just chilling and mingling with everyone. It was their CD launch party for Whiskey and Tears and I guess it was as much of a party for them as it was for the audience. A couple of my favorite tracks include their title song Whiskey and Tears which definitely has the catchiest chorus. A song that I could definitely see as being a great drinking anthem. Another song that stands out is Dorothy. Particularly the harmonies with Sandra Dee (sp?) who I learned on Edge 102.1 they picked up during a karaoke night at a bar. Not a bad find for a night at the bar. Her harmonies definitely advance something that could come across as typical folk country to full out bluegrass blues. Overall a great night to see some live music.

I seem to be really into a lot of my favorite alternative artists and their side projects which tend to be very folksie or country. Is this a natural progression as to where these artists want to explore? Whatever it is, I'm definitely into it and thoroughly enjoy these side projects. Helps balance out some of the harshness of the alternative music.

Now I think I may tackle on some coding for a couple of my outstanding projects. Perhaps it'll help take some of the edge off to get through programming I've been putting off longer than I've had to.

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