Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First blog post

Figured a blog service might offer me some additional features that my own blog wouldn't so here I am now on Blogger. Seeing as it's owned by google and I use every single other service google offers, I might as well use their blog service too!

Currently I'm house sitting at my buddy's place, Amir. He's in Pakistan right now delivering aid to the displaced refugees from Afghanistan. He is literally quite the humanitarian. Working for a charity called GlobalMedic he's traveled the world's disaster zones documenting the relief efforts of the charity.

He has a cat, a rabbit, and two turtles so when he leaves he needs someone to take care of them. That's where I step in. I feed them all, give them all a little attention, and essentially live at his place. Fortunately it's a very chilled out place to be and I spend my time chilling on the couch like so.

Starting to get droopy eyed now. I think I'll hit the hay in a couple. After I eat some food of course. What to eat though? Munch on some cereal? Eat a banana? Or how bout those chicken drum sticks I was thinking of using for lunch... hmmm... decisions decisions decisions

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